Thinking about relocating to a new part of the country or moving into a new home? Whether considering a new job, looking for something different or preparing for retirement, ask yourself the following questions to determine if you're making the right move during your corporate relocation.

1. Can I Afford It?

Sometimes, the excitement of a big move can overcome your ability to think logically. Estimate the cost of living in your new home. Is it a big difference compared to where you currently live? Are you prepared to make the budget adjustment if so?

You'll also need to consider what it will take to furnish and maintain your new place.

2. How Does the Cost of Living Compare To My Current City?

Before committing to a big move, it's important to understand how far your dollars will go in a new location. Use an online cost of living calculator to see if your move is a financial pro or con.

3. How Will My Family Be Affected?

Moving has big effects on every member of your family. New friends, schools, churches and recreational options come with a new community. If you currently live near your family, consider how that separation will affect your family’s relationships.

4. How is the Real Estate Market Here and There?

When your move involves buying or selling a home, you will need to decide whether the housing market conditions are right. If it's a difficult market, you may want to sell your current place before buying the new one. Avoid the possibility of carrying two mortgages at once if you have time.

5. Does the Community Address My Priorities?

Make a list outlining all the qualities of a location that are important to you, in order of significance. If you are married or have a family, ask each member of the household to create their own as well. Among the other things to consider: weather, recreation, hobbies, churches, schools, sporting events, concerts, restaurants, medical care and proximity to airports should be considered.

6. Will it Require a Change in My Lifestyle?

If you've lived in the city all your life and are imagining a change of scenery by moving to the country make sure that's really what you want. As a way to try out your new lifestyle and location, consider taking a vacation in the new area.

We feel like if each of these questions gives you the answer you desire, you are prepared for a great move. Relocating can be a difficult thing even if it is across town but if you are ready, it can be just what you need in your next season of life.

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