So you’ve been living the city life for some time, but finally making a move to the country, eh? Folks who grew up in rural areas are used to some of the lifestyle differences that come along with that. But moving from the city to the country can be a big shift. If you’re getting ready to move to greener pastures (pun intended!), be sure to check out these items when looking for homes.

Water source. Some folks will be more finicky than others when it comes to what kind of water you’ll have in the new home, so be sure to talk this over with your spouse or family. If you’re looking very far out in the country, chances are good you’re not going to have city water. And while some folks love well water, others can’t get used to the difference. It’s not total deal breaker for most- you can always install a purification system- just know what you’re getting into ahead of time.

Travel. You may be settled on moving out into the boonies, but just how far? If you’re used to a five minute walk to the grocery store, a thirty minute drive may become a real drag. Again, talk this through with your family and try to project how much you’re really willing to drive. It may even be a good idea to make the drive to potential homes several times, just to see how long it takes to get places.

Amenities. City folk take trash and recycling pickup for granted. If you’re far enough outside the city limits, you’ll likely have to haul your own trash to the nearest dump.

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