When it comes to finding the right long-distance moving company, it’s important to choose one that understands your unique wants and needs. Planning a move can be stressful enough, so having a team you can trust on your side is a huge advantage.

At Coleman Worldwide Moving, we aim to be that team for all our customers. On top of helping with the physical moving process, we’re also here today to teach you a thing or two about the process. That way, you can start the transition into the next chapter of your life with confidence and ease.

Let’s take a closer look, so you can get to planning…

Always Plan in Advance

Planning a long-distance move can’t happen overnight. Between the planning, packing, selling, and buying going on, you’re going to need time to get everything sorted. Most importantly, you need to make sure you have a moving team that is ready when you are.

Many movers can get booked to capacity—especially in the summer months—which means you’ll be left all packed up with nowhere to go. Be sure to schedule everything as soon as possible, so you know there will be moving vans and crews ready for you.

Choose a Moving Provider You Can Trust

Your moving providers will be your partners from start to finish, which is why it’s important to find a team that you can rely on. There are so many moving companies from which you can choose, so how can you narrow them down?

For starters, check to see if they are affiliated with a major van line.

On top of having the skills and resources to complete long-distance moves, moving providers that are associated with a van line have to meet the licensing requirements to transport household items across state lines. From there, it’s a great idea to read reviews and get advice from people who have had experience working with your potential provider.

Find the Right Time to Move

Figuring out your move-out date will depend on a wide range of factors: your personal needs, move-in dates if you’re renting, your movers’ schedules, and more. Be sure to ask potential moving providers about their warehouse storage options and availability. You never know when you may need temporary storage before, during, or even after your move.

Protect Your Belongings from Point A to Point B

Protecting your items throughout a move is actually much more straightforward than you may think. By law, moving providers need to provide free basic valuation coverage to reimburse you in the case your belongings get damaged.

This is called Released Value Protection. This type of protection offers reimbursement based on the item’s weight—not it’s replacement value.

However, this won’t be your only option in most cases. Depending on what you’re moving, you may want to ask your chosen moving company about their other Full Value Protection options. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing you have the best coverage for all your items.

Figure Out What Makes the Cut—Get Rid of the Rest!

Packing up your life can be an eye-opening experience regarding all of the things you have collected over the years. We’re all guilty of holding on to old clothes that you can’t seem to part with, buying and displaying knickknacks, and hoarding additional items in storage spaces.

Well, now is the time to finally part with it all! Moving is the perfect time to donate clothes, sell old furniture, and give away anything else that you don’t want to take into your new home.

After you figure out what you’re taking with you, consider which items you want to move yourself and which will go with the movers. One tip we have for you is to consider moving smaller, valuable items yourself. That way, you can keep your most important items close, and you don’t have to pay for Full Value Protection.

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At Coleman Worldwide Moving, our goal is to make every step of the relocation process simple and stress-free. As an agent for Allied Van Lines with over a century of experience under our belt, we know what it takes to get you into your new home without a hitch—no matter the distance. With our long-distance movers on your side, you can enjoy unmatched benefits and services that meet you where your needs are:

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  • High-Quality Self-Packing Supplies
  • Protective Padding for Furniture and Doorways
  • Safe and Secure Storage Options
  • Affordable Prices on Custom Moving Plans

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