If Jacksonville is a place you’re considering for your next move, you aren’t alone. Jacksonville is attracting more and more new residents with its ease of life and sunshine. Here are the top reasons why people are calling Jacksonville their next home.

Cost of Living is low

The cost of living for Jacksonville is a lot lower than other cities in the sunshine state. The home prices are very reasonable right now. Also rental properties are extremely low – with the average around $980, which is below the national average of $1,500.

Well Planned City

Jacksonville has numerous planned communities and housing developments that provide its residence with a lot of amenities like wide sidewalks, safe schools, athletic centers, community centers and golf courses. If that kind of city planning sounds like a good fit with your lifestyle, Jacksonville could be for you. 

The Weather is the Best

Not only do temperatures stay mild in the winter, but also the humidity isn’t as high in Jacksonville. You can enjoy sunshine all year-around, who would complain about that?

Least Likely to Get Hit by a Hurricane

Because of Jacksonville’s location, in the northeast corner of the state, it has less of a chance of getting directly hit by a hurricane. If that’s something you worry about – this might put your mind at ease. Hurricane Dora was the last hurricane to hit Jacksonville and that was in 1964.

It’s Big & Has Lots of Places to Explore

Not only is Jacksonville the largest city in the continental U.S., with over 840 square miles of land, it also has the largest urban park system. With over 111,000 acres of parks, you will never run out of places to explore.

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