Fall is finally here!

The oppressive heat is slowly leaving the area. Now is a great time to explore the city! If you are new to the area and have been surviving summer in an air conditioned cave, now is the time to break out of the confines of home and explore all of the beautiful parks in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth is full of outdoor adventure. They have numerous parks, gardens, and bike trails to check out. At Coleman American, we take advantage of the nice weather and get outside as much as possible. Our Fort Worth movers have put together some of their favorite places for you to check out this fall:

  • Fort Worth Botanic Garden- These gardens just get more beautiful in fall.  The cooler temperatures allow the foliage to really blossom. Plus strolling through the gardens is much more enjoyable when you aren’t sweating profusely.
  • Fort Worth Zoo- The gardens aren’t the only things that like the cooler temperatures.  Animals love the change in weather.  It may be too warm for some of them, but you are more likely to see activity during this time of year instead of summer.
  • Trinity Park- This beautiful park offers miles of pave trails that run along the Clear Fork Trinity River and through numerous parks across the city. This is a great place for runners and bikers who prefer parks instead of streets.

Fort Worth is full of great places to explore and experience.  These are just some of the places you can visit and enjoy the nice weather fall brings.

If you are looking to move to Fort Worth, our professional movers have the experience and equipment needed to make your transition smooth and successful. Call or visit our website for more information and to get your free quote today!  

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