San Diego

San Diego has a great reputation for its weather because it holds at a comfortable temperature pretty much all-year round. Throw in the beach and some fantastic attractions, architecture and slice of culture, and all of a sudden you have one of the most desirable places to be in the world. With such recognition from both locals and tourists alike, you're bound to get a dizzying array of things to do over the summer when the crowds flock to Southern California for legendary experiences. This year is no exception, so pick a couple of events from the list to try out in the upcoming months. 

Outdoor Movies

This is a California staple when the weather heats up. There are a several different venues to choose from, and they all offer different choices so you're bound to find a showing you love. Whether you like classic flicks or action films, check the schedule, pack a picnic and catch some moonlight as you watch your favorites on the big screen. 

Summer Concerts 

Music lovers can get outside too with free concerts in every genre throughout the city. For example, Balboa Park features a Twilight series from June to August. Jazz, swing, or salsa: whatever you want to hear, you can find in San Diego. 

Farm to Bay Food and Wine Classic 

This festival doesn't need a lot of explaining given the title, but it is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy trying the different delicacies San Diego has to offer. August 6th to the 8th, you can raise funds in an actual wildlife refuge set against the famous bay as you nibble and sip your way to bliss. 

Fourth of July Spectacular 

Big Bay Boom has choreographed fireworks which will be sure to impress you. Check out this 17-minute long display as you take in the sea breeze, and relax on our nation's birthday. 

Del Mar Horse Racing

A tradition well worth honoring, racing has been a part of American culture for many years. This particular track opened in 1937, and was the site of the famous Seabiscuit run in 1938. Come see the best of the best this summer and get in on the action. 

Fashion Week San Diego

Featuring the Viva la V collection at the La Valencia hotel, you can check out new fashion trends while drinking a cocktail or sampling the food. 

As you might be able to tell by now, there are a variety of events going on in this city. Pick the one that's right for you, and get out on the town! And, don’t forget we aren’t just San Diego movers, we move people across the U.S. and world. 

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