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We’ve all seen that episode of “House Hunters” where the home-buyers search high and low for the house of their dreams...for their pet. It seems a little excessive to rule out a home based on a part of your family that can’t even express their opinions in words, but pets are part of the family too. When you’re looking for your next home in the Kansas City area, here are some pet friendly tips to keep in mind.


Backyard Space

Dogs and cats alike enjoy a spacious yard to run and play in, so make sure your potential home has some kind of yard space. The most ideal options are backyards that are fully fenced-in, so that Fido can run around in freedom without your fear he’ll escape.



If your pet is on the older side, taking walks for bathroom breaks and going down countless stairs might leave you with a sore back. How far will you have to transport things like dog food or cat litter if your animal can’t get to them? Make sure to keep your pet’s age and health in mind to make sure everyday tasks are not going to be a problem.


Outside Accessibility 

When looking at houses, imagine yourself with your pet in everyday situations. If they go outside multiple time per day, think about how they’ll get outside. The most convenient option is to have direct access from a main area in your home to an outside area, so make sure you consider all your options.

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