Many people ask why using professional local movers is better than a do-it-yourself move. Here are the ups and downs of leaving the work to professionals as well as moving yourself.

Moving Yourself

Although local moves only require transporting goods a short distance, they still consume a lot of energy, time and money. You have to pay to rent a moving truck; take the time to find boxes and appropriate packing materials in order to pack all your belongings in a safe manner; and spend time loading, transporting and unloading your shipment. This may require taking off work to accomplish all these things. Often, you will need to recruit friends and family to help, depending on the size and scope of your move.

Professional Movers

Coleman Allied are household movers with an entire team dedicated to your move. From the beginning, a Coleman Allied relocation specialist will meet with you to evaluate, plan and discuss special arrangements tailored to your schedule. With this individual attention you have time and energy to concentrate on other important matters, such as searching for a new home.

Coleman Allied employees undergo extensive training in the craft of packing and loading goods to maximize their protection. The move coordinators follow strict communication guidelines to keep you informed each step of the way. Advanced technology and satellite tracking provide a variety of ways to stay in touch during the course of your move. From a child's precious toy to your one of a kind collectibles, rest assured your valuables will be safely returned to you in the same condition they were received.

All things considered, hiring Coleman Allied as your local movers is not only more energy and time efficient, but can also be just as cost-effective as a do-it-yourself move.