We live in a world full of ways to capture moments, which is why Shutterfly has made it very simple to collect these moments online and through photos. Here are some creative ways to use your pictures to tell the story of your move and how your adventure unfolded.

Create a Share Site

Shutterfly allows you to create a custom “share site” that you can either host publically or privately (only people with links can view). You can upload pictures and videos, send updates, journal and create a home page.

This is a really great option if you want to keep close family and friends updated on move progress. You can also ask for volunteers or solicit help through this site as well through the messenger function. It’s also a great way to post pictures for other people to download or print.

Tell Your Story Via a Book

Missed the scrapbooking frenzy of the early 2000s? That’s OK. Shutterfly makes it easy for anyone to create a beautiful book – without much prep. Here’s how you can make a very quick book that will help tell your move story.

  1. Create a Shutterfly account
  2. Upload your pictures into a folder on Shutterfly
  3. Click on “Photo Books”
  4. There’s a feature called “Make My Book”. This will send your pictures to a team of people at Shutterfly to create your book for a fee of $9.99 – this is the super/hands-off route, there are a few other options if you’re OK spending an hour on this project.
  5. Select the size you would like
  6. Pick a Style by browsing by the categories on the left-hand side
  7. Add photos to the book
  8. Click “fill” page. 
  9. If the photos don’t auto-fill into the best spots, you can quickly re-arrange them by clicking on “story board”. 
  10. Add some customized text and check out!

Send a We’ve Moved Magnet

Make a magnet for the people closest to you. Upload a picture of your new home with your address and mail it out with an extra stamp for weight. It’s a nice keepsake for them and will help remind them to update their address list.

We are thrilled to be your preferred national moving company, we hope you’ll take these tips and use them during your upcoming move. We would love to hear if you have other creative ways that you’re planning on using Shutterfly.

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