Whether you tend to move a ton or you’re preparing for your very first residential moving experience, you’ll want to keep everyone up-to-date and informed about your plans and your new address. But you don’t have to just send a boring text or email about it.

There are quite a few creative ways to notify people that you’ll be moving soon or that you already have (if you forgot to let people know). The five following ways offer some unique ideas on how to let your family and friends know you are moving.

#1 - Use fun moving announcement cards that you can send out in the mail.

Tip: Look for uniquely designed cards. They may cost a few more dollars more than the boring, impersonal kind but they make a great first impression.  Plus when you take the fun route, you can pick cards that show your personality and style.

#2 – If you want to be environmentally conscious, email your creative moving announcements or use social media.

You could first scan a moving announcement that you find online, then attach it to an e-mail. Or, you could simply design your own hilarious meme and add as a photo on one of your social media profiles. Either one is environmentally friendly and could be really funny.

#3 – Have a going away party.

This is a really fun way to say goodbye to your friends and family. No, it’s not vain for you to plan a party for yourself… lots of people do it and their friends love it.  Your going away party doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you don’t have to invite everybody in your city. You can choose to only include your closest friends and family members.

You can send out the invitations for your going away party via e-mail, or use any of the other methods for creating personalized moving announcements listed here. Consider including your new address and phone number just in case people aren’t able to make it to the party. That way, they still have a way to contact you after you move.

#4 – Have a housewarming party.

If you didn’t have time to do a going away party before you moved, this is a fun way to include old friends and family, as well as any new friends you’ve met.

Your best bet for a housewarming party is to make invitations that actually show your new house.  Just take a photo of your new place and include it on the cards before sending them out. The best part is that your guests will have a better idea of what to look for when they’re navigating to your new location. They can have an extra clue in finding your place if their GPS is acting funny.

#5 – Send a video announcement about your move.

You could do this before or after the move, it’s completely up to you. The idea is simply to sit in front of a video camera or your smartphone and talk to your friends and family about the move.

The best part about a video moving announcement is the fact that you can actually show people parts of your move. If your home is filled with boxes you could show your pet’s state of confusion. Maybe do an episode of MTV’s Cribs and show what your new house looks like inside and out. Plus, the people you share this video with will have some idea of your level of excitement about the move. P.S. Don’t forget to actually mention your new address and the fact that this video serves as your moving announcement.

Hopefully these five ideas for moving announcements get you started on your relocation project. You can choose a few of these ideas and mix them together or use one as your guide. With all of the stress that moving entails, this could be your way of doing something fun instead of freaking out! 

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