Choosing which company to use during a household relocation is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. A quick internet search will result in hundreds of residential movers. Before considering who to go with, learn about the difference between a moving company and a moving broker.

Reputation Research

Past customer reviews are a great way to learn about the reputation of a business. Customers frequently review moving companies because they work directly with them. Moving brokers don’t provide services, so reviews are harder to find. Moving companies offer greater online transparency.

Services Provided

Moving companies often provide comprehensive services for packing, transportation, or warehousing storage solutions. Their employees work with you directly, providing these physical tasks. Moving brokers only connect you to people who provide the services (moving companies).

Insurance and Reimbursement Process

Even with best practices in place, household items can occasionally get damaged during a residential move. Moving companies are legally obligated to offer some reimbursement protection for damaged items, and offer additional options for comprehensive reimbursement. Moving brokers do not provide insurance coverage and do not provide support for claims either.

Moving Trucks and Equipment

Moving companies often own or lease their equipment, trucks, and facilities. They can provide specifications like air-ride technology because they know their equipment well. Moving brokers often can’t provide these details because they don’t own or use the equipment.

Licensing for Interstate Movers

Moving companies are bound by certain legal requirements, such as seeking authorization from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In order to transport household goods across state lines, your moving company must prove its licensing status. 

Support Local Economy

Because moving companies operate in the physical realm, they support their local economy. Moving companies need real estate, local people as employees, and the support of community partners. They pay taxes on these assets and pool them into the economy. Brokers conduct business over the phone or the internet and may operate anywhere in the world.

Final Thoughts

Who you hire makes a significant difference. Make sure you get the most efficient services by hiring experienced long distance movers. Coleman Worldwide Moving has over a century of proven reliability and exceptional customer care.