When you think of careful packing, chances are you're thinking about electronics or delicate items. However, certain fabric household goods also need that same attention to detail during relocation preparations. Here are a few tips to help you pack your fabrics.


Some people choose to leave behind curtains during a move in case they don't fit in the new house. However, if you've invested in custom curtains, those can be expensive, and you'll want to pack them carefully. Fold them over a hanger and place them inside a plastic suit bag.

Canvass Art & Antique Furniture

Canvass artwork is beautiful but delicate without the backing of structural support. Likewise, if you're moving antique fabric furniture, it may be irreplaceable. In that case, it may be worth discussing custom crating with your residential mover.

Mattress & Box Springs

In most cases, a plastic mattress bag is enough protection against dirt and light activity for these bulky fabric items. If you'd like a sturdier option, you can pay a little more for a cardboard mattress box.

Fabric & Leather Furniture

Furniture with fabric or leather sections requires the use of shrink-wrap protection. Shrink-wrapping around the furniture will prevent it from dirt and brushing up against other items. Your professional mover will use extra padding available on the truck during transportation.

Cherished Items

If you have seasonal décor or sentimental custom craftwork, you can safely pack these items in a plastic tote. The plastic bin will keep them safe during your residential move and can be used later for year-round storage.

Formal Wear

Suppose you have several suits, evening dresses, or other forms of formal attire that need special care. In that case, you'll want to protect them during your move. Leave these fabrics on the hanger inside a tall cardboard wardrobe box to prevent wrinkling or dirt.

Casual Clothing

Moving boxes can be used for everyday wear, but don't overload one box with too many heavy materials like leather or denim. You can also leave casual wear in the furniture drawers, and your long distance movers will secure the drawers with large rubber bands to keep them in place.

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