A big part of preparing for a move involves cleaning out the garage. But you might be avoiding this step because it all seems like too much to handle. 

While the garage is a big space with lots of belongings, you can get it cleared up and your belongings ready for a move. Here are five suggestions to help you get started with clearing the garage before you move.

Hire a Mover to Ship Your Vehicles

There’s no need to sell your vehicles or motorcycles when moving to a new home. Most full-service residential movers can transport any of the following for their clients:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Kit/Hobby Cars
  • Motorcycle
  • RVs

Many movers also use flatbed trucks or semis to carry vehicles which prevents wear and tear on them, especially when going a long distance. Movers can even custom-crate your motorcycle and secure the crate with a tie-down strap to protect it from tipping over or being hit by other objects in transport.

Don’t Forget to Breakdown Grills & Lawn Equipment

It’s all too easy to overlook the need to prepare outdoor living equipment and furniture for the move too. Think about everything you have in the backyard—from grills to pool inflatables. These items will need to be cleaned up, emptied, and secured for the move.

Here are a few quick tips for specific lawncare and outdoor items:

  • Grill: Remove and dispose of loose charcoal briquettes and propane tanks. Wipe clean with a soft cloth. Secure lid and doors with straps.

  • Lawn Mower: If you are moving your lawn mower, drain the fuel and oil. Remove any batteries and secure them separately from the lawn mower.

  • Loose Tools, Power Tools & Equipment: Remove batteries from power tools and secure them separately to reduce the risk of fire hazards. Keep these tools in a locking tool chest to keep them safe. If the chest has locking wheels, lock them in place once they are on the truck to keep the chest from moving around. Custom crate any larger wood or metal working equipment that you own.

Start Letting Go of Unwanted Items Now!

It takes a surprising amount of time to go through a garage full of belongings to decide what you want to keep or not keep. Be sure to get a head start on the process now so you can reduce shipping costs and keep wanted items from being left behind in the rush to pack.

If you aren’t sure what to do with unwanted items, there are many options available. Consider:

  • Dropping off household goods and furniture at a local charity. 

  • Taking metallic items to a local recycling facility for some spare cash.

  • Posting large items on Facebook or Craigslist as free or very cheap.

  • Placing some items on the curb a day before pick-up for local scrappers to nab.

Dispose of Paints and Flammable Liquids

You’ll have a hard time finding a long-distance moving company that is willing to transport liquids and chemicals. Avoid the last-minute hassle by properly disposing of them now. Check with your local government to find out what their rules are for the disposal of hazardous liquids and chemicals. 

Many places will have a collection center that is freely available to residents. These centers allow citizens to drop off unwanted batteries, light bulbs, engine oil, and other things that can’t be thrown away.

Learn How Coleman Worldwide Moving Can Help with Your Relocation

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