Are you planning to relocate? If yes, you should take precautions to protect your home throughout the relocation. As professional residential movers, we understand how stressful relocating can be and how crucial it is to protect your home from damage. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some recommendations for protecting your home during a move so that everything goes smoothly.

Protecting Your Lawn

Residential movers will often use the same path from your home to the moving truck to load your belongings. You should notify the household moving company you hired if you have landscape items on the pathway. You can get rid of lawn ornaments and statues from your yard. Finally, if it has rained recently, you should lay a protective covering such as plywood or cardboard to protect the grass.

Protecting Your Floors

On your moving day, there’ll be high foot traffic, which might cause problems for your floorings. Lay some plastic wraps to protect your carpets and reduce the impact of foot traffic. If you hire a professional moving and storage company, they will consider these factors and take precautions to safeguard your flooring, such as bringing their flooring protection equipment.

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

Your doors and stairwell banisters might get scratched while moving large items. Professional home movers will place blankets on wood surfaces prone to scratches. Also, removing the doors from their hinges and keeping them in a safe location is a reliable alternative that eliminates the risk of damaging your doors.

Protecting Windows and Wall Decors

When it comes to windows and wall decors, the best thing to do before moving is to remove them from harm’s way. Home movers may not always have a clear line of sight when moving bulky items. This may result in them accidentally swiping wall decors.

Protecting Against Spills

Liquid spills on the floor can stain carpeting and make cleaning more difficult. To avoid spills during your move, ensure all liquids and powders are properly sealed in containers. You can dispose of any unwanted liquid products to avoid spillage. If you want to give the home movers some refreshments, water is your best choice because spilled water is easier to clean.

Protecting Your Garage Floor

Garages usually host items like fuel, oil, soil, etc., used for car and lawn care. These items should be properly disposed of before the moving day, as most moving companies won’t move them. Ensure you unload your lawnmowers or other equipment to ensure no gasoline or chemicals are left behind. 

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