Many of our customers stress over moving large and fragile items for good reason. Relocating a delicate piece that is potentially valuable and hard to replace is a process fraught with hazards, which is why they’ve turned to our professional movers to do the job.

At Coleman Worldwide Moving, our furniture movers have plenty of experience dealing with such challenges. The process of packing and transporting your fragile items is similar to moving anything else, but with a little more care.

What Qualifies as a Large, Fragile Item?

Your belongings can vary a lot in size, but most large items are those that don’t fit easily into standard cardboard boxes. In these cases, they would need to be moved without a box or placed into a custom crate for transport.

Some large, fragile items you might want your residential movers to handle include:

  • Pianos
  • Artwork
  • Sculptures
  • Glass Tables
  • Antique Furniture

Whatever you own that is overly bulky, heavy, and made with delicate materials or components would easily qualify for careful handling by furniture movers.

Planning for the Move

Before you pack and move those items, there are a few pre-move steps to complete. Make sure to create an inventory of your items to be moved. You’ll be able to refer to this inventory list when packing and unpacking everything later. Plus, it comes in handy if something goes missing.

During the inventory process, take pictures of your belongings from multiple sides in good light. You can use these pictures to show that an item was undamaged before it was packed in case it arrives at your new home damaged.

Consider purchasing full valuation coverage for your belongings to ensure that you get the full replacement value if damaged during the move.

Packing & Moving Large Items

When you have completed the inventory, it’s time to start packing. Gather the right packing supplies for whatever items you are moving. For instance, you’ll need moving blankets for furniture, cardboard television boxes for flat screens, and custom crates for valuables.

Before packing, break down the items as much as possible.

  • Remove any cords, accessories, and loose components.
  • Keep these secured in smaller boxes and bags that are clearly labeled.
  • You might be able to place them inside the larger items’ box for storage.

If the large item you are packing is heavy, get help to lift it. You don’t want to strain your back, nor do you want to drop it and cause damage. After you’ve packed the item, seal the container and label with the item name and words, fragile. Also, handle the container as little as possible. It should only be moved to go onto the truck and off loaded when needed.

Learn About Our Moving Services

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