Are you concerned that off-season moving will be too difficult? If you’re thinking about waiting until peak season—which runs from May to September—then you might be relieved to discover the perks of going forward with your move now. Below are reasons why our residential movers say that off-season moving might be better for you!

There’s more flexibility when scheduling your move

It’s true that most people move during peak season. This is usually due to more favorable weather conditions and breaks from school. However, more people moving at the same time means less room for scheduling. If you move during the off season, you are more likely to have your pick of moving dates and times; you might even be able to complete your move on a weekend if you’re traveling locally.

You have more options when hiring a moving company

Quality movers get booked up fast during peak season. For this reason, it can be difficult to hire the movers you want unless you plan weeks or months in advance. During off-season, movers are less busy so that means they are more available to meet your needs, even if you are moving in a hurry.

Some movers offer discount rates during off-season

The basic economic principle of supply and demand could mean more affordable moving rates! If less people are moving, then there is going to be a price drop for hiring moving companies, purchasing packing materials, and renting moving vans. Not all movers offer discount rates during their off-season, but many do.

Travelling and delivery could be faster

The highways are often more congested from May to September. Not only are more people moving, but more people are travelling in general as they go on vacation or take business trips. Moving during the off season could mean less traffic, faster delivery, and a more relaxed experience overall.

Do you need an appointment with trusted long distance movers?

Don’t wait to complete your move just because you’re uneasy about moving during the off season. Instead, contact the long distance movers at Coleman Worldwide Moving. We offer a variety of relocation services for moves of any size and distance and competitive rates year-round.