Moving is a big project and chances are that you have plenty of things hanging around your home that are no longer needed. Well-used, broken, and damaged goods should be properly recycled or disposed of. But anything that is still in good condition can go to a community thrift shop to help those in need. Not only do these thrift shops sell your good condition clothing and housewares for bargain prices to a community in need, but they also use the proceeds from their sales to serve their ministries. 

Below are some organizations that residential movers can consider:

Amvets Thrift Stores

Amvets is a service organization that supports the needs and interests of American veterans. Through a variety of programs, they lobby for veteran-friendly legislation, help veterans in need gain access to healthcare that includes mental health services, and provide funding for scholarships. The organization operates dozens of community thrift stores across the country. Check with your local Amvets thrift shop for a list of accepted items. In most cases they will accept good condition clothing, housewares, and furniture.

The Salvation Army

Another charity with a big presence from coast to coast is The Salvation Army. This is the same organization that rings bells outside department stores during the holiday shopping season. You might recognize their name from dozens of different causes that they support. Ultimately, the ministry targets the root causes of poverty to provide sustainable relief for suffering families. But that can look like many different things, including:

  • Adult Rehabilitation Programs

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Services for Incarcerated Populations

  • Elder Support Programs

  • Fighting Human Trafficking

  • Searching for Missing Persons

  • Food for the Needy

  • Housing and Shelters for the Homeless

  • Christmas Presents for Needy Families

  • Youth Camps

  • Disaster Relief

  • And More!

The Salvation Army operates thrift stores in communities across the country that accept a wide range of donations including clothing, furniture, appliances, housewares, and more. Unless otherwise advertised at an independent location, the proceeds from these stores help fund adult rehabilitation programs as a root cause of poverty in America.

Habitat for Humanity

If you’re looking to donate to a cause that is a little more targeted, Habitat for Humanity focuses almost exclusively on providing housing for needy families. They secure donations and raise money to buy land and materials, relying on volunteer labor to build homes that are gifted to eligible needy families. One of the major revenue sources for the charity is a network of community thrift shops or ReStores that focus on selling gently used furniture, housewares, and building materials. At Habitat for Humanity, they work towards providing safe, affordable, decent shelter to help lift families out of poverty. By addressing one of the major causes of cyclical poverty, they can help one family at a time in a meaningful way.

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