From the moment you begin planning your moving project, it’s clear that relocation is far from a simple process—and requires plenty of planning and organization to execute smoothly. For most people, stress is just part of the experience of moving, which is why it’s such a relief to have professional moving services at your side to handle the hardest parts of the move for you.

At Coleman Worldwide Moving, we understand how much of a hassle moving can be without professional services like ours to help out. We know what it takes to help our customers plan their moving projects perfectly, and work hard to make this happen for them. To help you prepare for your next move, take a look at this article on what to expect out of the moving process and how to prepare for a stress-free move—bought to you by our team of experts at Coleman Worldwide Moving.

Finding a Moving Company

With hundreds of moving companies to choose from, it can be hard to find one that ticks all the right boxes. Your best bet for finding a good moving company is to look for the ones with the most experience and the best reputation—that can guarantee their services will make the process easy and even enjoyable for you and your family.

Not all moving companies deliver on their promise of a hassle-free move. Some of these moving companies charge too much, while others arrive late or fail to honor the estimates they gave. To avoid hiring a bad company, research your options and choose the movers with the most positive reviews, the most experience, and the best and most affordable services you can find.

Here are other tips when it comes to hiring a moving company:

  • Believe in the Power of Referrals. While you can browse the internet for moving companies near you, it would be wiser if you ask your friends and families if they know of one. Ask about their first-hand experience with that moving company and whether or not they received professional moving services at reasonable rates.
  • Ask About Their Insurance and License. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the Department of Transportation provides moving companies with a license, especially if they handle interstate moves. You can check if the company is licensed by requesting for their DOT number on On the other hand, your local consumer affairs agency can tell you if a local mover is licensed or not.
  • Check with the BBB. The Better Business Bureau posts a long list of companies along with their track record for your consideration. You can visit their website to check if the moving company you’re thinking of hiring is a reliable one or not. You’d want to hire a moving company that is either BBB-accredited or has a good rating.

Booking Your Move

Once you’ve found a reliable moving company to hire, contact the company and ask for an in-home estimate. This way, you’ll know exactly how much your move will cost and the services that the moving company will provide. To give you a reliable and accurate quote, a moving consultant will come and visit your home to take a look at your belongings. The moving consultant will also ask a number of questions related to your move, such as the date you’re hoping to move out and other important considerations.

With these pieces of information, the moving consultant will help you create your moving plan. You’ll learn what their services are, and which ones you’ll need to plan a smooth move. This might mean adding in specialized services like custom crating, full-service packing and unpacking, storage, and insurance valuation, among others.

The Big Day

On the day of the move itself, the professional movers will arrive at the agreed-upon time. Then, as efficiently as possible, they will load every box and item into their truck or moving vans—beginning with appliances, tables, and chairs, and then working on the lightest items last. This can take anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire day, depending on what you own and how complicated it is to move.

After everything is loaded, the driver of the truck will then deliver your belongings to your new house, take it to a reputable storage facility, or start the long journey if you’re moving long-distance. This depends on what your needs and preferences are.

Professional Movers You Can Rely On

For the smoothest move possible, hire our professional movers from Coleman American Moving Services. With more than a century in the moving business, we can guarantee that your expectations will be met—and even exceeded. Our movers are trained to provide hassle-free moves for households and businesses throughout the country. We are also a BBB-accredited business, so you can be sure that you will receive the best services at the most reasonable rates.

For more information about our moving and storage services, don’t hesitate to give us a call to speak with our team. To get started right away, fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation, in-house estimate from our professional movers.