There are a lot of good tips to be gleaned from Pinterest – they can make your move a lot simpler and stress free. But, not everything you see online is a good idea – as professional movers, we want to help you sift through the junk to find the best.

The Unpacking Kit


Take a trip to Target and pick up a tote that can carry your “unpacking kit” supplies. Included in the tote will be things such as: paper towel, soap, napkins, utensils, plates, roll of toilet paper, paper plates, cups, shower curtain, all purpose cleaning spray and pain reliever (for any headache you may feel coming on from the big transition). Keeping everything in one place will make accessing it easier when your new home is flipped upside down.

Make a Map


Get some Avery color-coding labels, a copy of your new floor plan and a pen. Put a color in each room and label each with a number. Create a master decoder so you remember which color and number match which room. Make a copy for your mover so that they can match your numbered stickers to each room – that way they will know where to place your things! Simple!

Use This List to Simplify Your Move


Even if you aren’t a candidate for the show “Hoarders: Buried Alive” – you might still have accumulated a lot of things that don’t need to make the move. Take this list and start purging before you get a moving estimate. This will save you a lot of time, money and headache. Plus, it’s the quickest way to decrease the cost of your move and (maybe) make a little money on the side.

DIY Cord Organizer


Grab a box and collect some paper towel rolls, tape them together – they can be used to organize your cords for your move. If you want to get really organized, you can put labels on the inside of each cord cubby so you can remember where each one goes.

Now that you have some of our favorite hacks under your belt – you should feel more ready for your upcoming move day. Remember we can help with packing and unpacking if this feels like a lot on your plate. Happy moving!