Whether you’re planning a move or you just moved into your new home, Honey will make it easy to save hundreds by finding coupons for you at checkout. This new browser extension will scour the Internet and look for any money saving coupon codes to apply to your purchase. So, as you buy things like:

·  New furniture

·  Artwork

·  Office supplies

·  Renovation supplies

·  Patio furniture

·  A new fire pit

·  Tools and paint

·  Cleaning supplies

Honey, will work on thousands of sites and search the Internet for the best coupon codes. At checkout you will see Honey appear automatically with available coupon codes.

Honey also recently started to show up on Amazon. When you view an item you’ll see an orange icon that will show if there’s a way to buy the item for a cheaper price. Note: you may need to use Chrome to activate this feature.

All you need to do to download is visit: https://www.joinhoney.com, download to your browser (suggested: Chrome), create an account and start saving.

As your preferred state-to-state mover, we hope this tip will help you save money on your upcoming move.

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