The American Moving and Storage Association created a list of five things for consumers to be aware of when looking for a mover. We love this list because it was created by AMSA as a way to protect consumer interests and it’s also an objective view.

Beware of the Guarantee

If you’ve engaged a mover online or over the phone and they’ve guaranteed an estimate, you should probably hang up the phone or shut down your laptop. It’s almost impossible for anyone to be able to accurately estimate a move without an in-home estimate. Caveat – there is some new technology that allows a mover to survey your home via Skype or video, we are not discounting these methods.  Although they are new – so be leery of guarantees.

Do Your Research

Check with the Better Business Bureau and also ask your family, friends for referrals.

Don’t Sign Your Life Away

Get copies of everything you sign – especially important paperwork like the Bill of Lading. Never sign any documents that are blank or that you don’t understand completely.

Be Inquisitive

Don’t settle for less than the truth. If something feels off, ask questions. Be sure that the driver and move coordinator has your cell phone number so that you can be reached at all times.

Make Sure They’re a ProMover

AMSA sifts through movers to make sure they’re legit. Check out any mover on to make sure they are listed. If they aren’t, it could be a red flag.

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