Follow this timeline in order to stay on track with your upcoming move. These are things you may not remember to do, so get out your calendar or print off this list as a reminder of the things ahead.

9 Weeks Before You Move

·  Sort through what you’re going to keep vs. sell/donate (before your in-home estimate)

8 Weeks Before You Move

·  Get 2-3 in-home estimates

·  Hire a mover

7 Weeks Before You Move

·  Start asking for referrals for doctors, dentists, insurance and banks in your new town

·  Get copies of your medical records and transfer them

6 Weeks Before You Move

·  Consider a garage sale

·  Start packing up items to be donated

4 Weeks Before You Move

·  If you are packing yourself, start buying packing supplies

3 Weeks Before You Move

·  Schedule your utilities to be shut off

·  Schedule your new cable and utilities to be turned on

2 Weeks Before You Move

·  Eat the rest of the food in your pantry

·  Call your bank and notify them about your relocation

·  Forward your mail via UPS

1 Week Out

·  Pack your items and get ready for your movers

Moving Day

·  Pack any essentials into a box that you will take with you including legal documents, medicine, jewelry, important valuables, wallet and a charged cell phone

·  Take photos of the water, electricity and gas meters at your old home

Moving Preparation
moving and packing tips