Your Baltimore movers will take care of all the big moving tasks like packing, loading, and keeping your items safe during travel. But there are some often overlooked  tasks that can help your move be even smoother. Here are some tips to get your new home feeling like yours in no time.

Deep cleaning. No matter how great your new home is, you’ll probably want to give it a good scrub before moving in. If anyone offers their help during your move, hand them a sponge or a mop and dive into some deep cleaning. That way there’s no surprises, and you’ll rest easy knowing that the house was totally clean before you moved in.

Meals. Believe it or not, you’re still going to want to eat during your move. But if your dishes and cookware are all packed away and on a moving truck, you’ll need to find another option. Thinking about this ahead of time might save some last-minute stress. Most restaurants offer catering for larger groups, if you’ve got a lot of help. Making a small list of all the meals you want to eat out will save stress and help you set a reasonable budget.

Baby-proofing. If you have little ones, sometimes there are extra measures you’ll need to go to in the new home. Even having someone plug in all the outlet covers is a little but vital task.

Decorations. Okay, so maybe this isn’t “overlooked” in the long run. But it may be worth hanging a few pictures or putting up a few knick-knacks on the first day, just to make it feel a little more like home.

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