When you’re asked to compare Houston and Philadelphia, the first thought that comes to moving north or southmind is likely how different both cities are. Whether your move north is family or career-related, you’ll inevitably face some changes once you arrive. If you plan on moving from Houston to Philadelphia or making a similarly long journey north, there are some differences you should be prepared for. The dedicated team at Coleman Allied is here to help you and your family make the smoothest adjustment possible. Some things to keep in mind when moving far north include:

  • Weather
You probably already know that it’ll be colder in Philadelphia. But did you know that winter weather lasts longer than in Houston, even past months traditionally considered “spring,” like April? Snow is not uncommon past March, so keep a winter jacket ready and your warm clothes unpacked.
  • Cost
There’s no way around it – because of higher tax rates, the cost of living is often more expensive “up north.” While not all extra expense can be avoided, you can save money by looking for discounts and sticking to a pre-planned budget.
  • Public Transportation
Moving to Philadelphia will give you more options for public transportation to choose from: commuter trains, the subway, trolleys, and buses. It may be helpful to decide whether to keep your car or sell it before your move.
  • Food
Tex-Mex is delicious, but there won’t be as many restaurants featuring Texas cuisine up north. When adjusting to Philly, be sure to try local favorites such as world-famous cheesesteak and the vast selection of soft pretzels the city has to offer.

Don’t delay any longer – get in contact with our Houston residential movers today to begin planning your relocation up north. Call us now, or fill out our online quote form to receive a free estimate!

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