With Austin being one of the most pet friendly cities in the country, our household movers austin moversin Austin know that your dog is very much a part of your family. While you may not think about it, your dog can tell that things are changing and your home, and it is important that you comfort your dog during this transition.

Leading up to the move it is important that you do not change your dog’s routine.  Feed your pet at regular times, ensure you still spend time with your pet and take regular walks.  However, introducing items like a pet carrier and car rides can help make you dog feel more comfortable on moving day if these objects are normally very foreign.  You may even take your dog for a walk in your new neighborhood if it is nearby.

When you arrive at the new house, give your dog time to explore the new house.  This will allow them to feel more comfortable while they are kept out of the way as boxes and furniture are being moved in.  After they explore, put a dog gate up to keep them safe away from your Austin movers.  This will help to ensure your move goes more smoothly for both your pet and the movers.  Fill the room with your dog’s bed, toys and food, and occasionally spend a little time with them to keep them calm.

If you ensure to keep your dog’s routine and allow them their time to explore, you can be sure your dog will adjust just as well as you do to your new home. Allow our residential movers in Austin to get settled after your transition, so you and your dog can start enjoying your new home.

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