In this new age of iPods, smart phones, and other modern technologies, the art of making a great mix tape or mix CD finds itself turning into a forgotten and almost dead art form.  The remnants of this lost art form can be found hidden within most computers and mp3 players in the form of playlists, and if you check Google, Amazon mp3, iTunes, or any other source for music, you will found thousands upon thousands of suggestions for playlists. Playlists vary from person to person in the same ways that a mix tape or a mix c.d. varied from person to person.  Some people just put together a random mix and match of songs they have at their disposals, some play copious amount of time making sure the playlist flows and transitions smoothly throughout the disc, and then there are those who lie in the middle and just try to stick to a theme of sorts.

Playlists are great for all kinds of occasions whether it be romance, workout, stress relief, or even the occasional road trip.  However, try searching for a playlist to go along with the stresses of moving, and you may be struggling through Google for awhile.  At Coleman Worldwide Moving, we aim to be a superior full service mover whether through residential moving, international moving, corporate relocation, or any other moving company or relocation services.  This will be the first in a series of finding the perfect blend of ten tunes to help you relax and transition into the next chapter of your life.     If you have any suggestions for us to include in other installments, feel free to drop some suggestions down in the comments below:

1.       Phantom Planet – “California”

Not moving to California or had your enjoyment of this song killed by watching up to four seasons of the O.C. you say?  Well, that may be the case for some people; however, this is just a fun, light and breezy song that instills into the listener the desire to just hit the road and go.  Before long, you’ll find yourself shouting California at the top of your lungs as the anthem for this new adventure in your life.

2.       Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Runnin’ Down a Dream”

Many times, the reason for a move is due to finding a new job, and if you are moving because you found a new job, congratulations! For the rest of you, you’re still working to chase that dream and  this song is perfect for you to focus on that dream while you’re driving down the road getting ready for that next step in the right direction!


3.       Explosions in the Sky – “Your Hand in Mine”

This band hails from Austin, TX and is largely responsible for the soundtrack used in the film adaptation of Friday Night Lights.  This song is especially used prominently in that film.  Explosions in the Sky are a completely instrumental band, and this song encompasses a lot of what they excel at musically.  Who would think that a music that says so little really can say to much and can speak to the listener, but this track definitely accomplishes that and is the perfect “open road” song as you’re taking in the scenery during the drive.  If you’re listening to this while working, close your eyes and just envision your dream vacation spot.


4.       OK Go – “This Too Shall Pass”

OK Go have made a career out of being creative, which has turned them into an internet sensation.  The video for “Here it Goes Again”(or that cool treadmill video) was at one time the most watched video on the internet during the start of the YouTube boom.  Well, to spark interest in their January 2010 release for “Of the Blue Colour of the Sky” the guys were back at it again with this really catchy tune and one of the more innovative YouTube music videos ever. However, the stress of moving (whether you’re dealing with a moving company or not) needs to be let go, because once it’s all over, there are new adventures that lie ahead.  If you absolutely need something to put a smile on your face, you can always check out the below video as well.

5.       Led Zeppelin – “What Is & What Should Never Be”

There’s never a bad excuse to put Led Zeppelin on a playlist.  Close your eyes, allow Bonham, Jones, Page, and Plant swoon you into a relaxing journey for roughly four minutes and 45 seconds!  

6.       Modest Mouse – “Float On”

After being swooned in a state of relaxation by our boys from over the big blue pond, it’s time to get back to preparing for your big move.  Whether packing, loading, pricing out a new home, doing change of address, or you just got off the rest stop and need to exit back onto the interstate on your way to your new home, this song will allow you to “Float On!”  

7.       Ray LaMontagne – “Shelter”

This song is one of Ray’s more commonly covered Songs.  Most famously covered by Kelly Clarkson following the events of Hurricane Katrina, the story of how Ray became a musician and the events of his life leading up until he released “Trouble” in 2005 really makes you happy he’s living the American dream.  This song is chosen because a) Ray has one of the more soulful voices in all contemporary music, and b) sometimes our move is something that doesn’t excite us.  Whether we’re leaving to get away, we are leaving behind friends, family, things, or places we  

8.       Foo Fighters – “Times Like These” (Either Studio or Acoustic Versions)

We’ll leave this one up to preference as either one works.  The studio version off of “One By One” is one of the roaring anthems that Dave Grohl has made a career off of in his post-Nirvana days. The acoustic version is another superb rendition of this track and feels more reflective and laid back.  Either way, this song is fitting for a major change in life of leaving and moving on to something better because “it’s times like these where we learn to live again.”

9.       Joshua Radin – “Brand New Day”

No, this is not a cover of the Sting tune.  Joshua Radin owes his success in part with being good friends with Zach Braff of Scrubs fame, who knows a thing or two about making broody, indie playlists.  This is also one of Radin’s more positive tunes in his repertoire, as it is about rejuvenation after discovering new love, but the overall message of everything will be okay and optimism about the future is why this is fitting for volume one of our playlist.


10.   U2 – “Walk On”

As we finish full circle on volume one of “The Moving Playlist,” it’s only fitting to open and close with two songs that amount to great anthems.  U2 has amounted a small empire off their ability to write anthems that they can jam out amongst a small sea of humanity in arenas around the world.  Between Bono’s larger than life persona and The Edge’s unique glassy guitar rhythms that has been often emulated since, U2 has always found a way to connect with the listener on that personal level.  This one comes off their underappreciated 2000 album “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” (with other hit singles like “Elevation” and “Stuck in a Moment That You Can’t Get Out Of”).  This song does a great job of being able to connect with a variety of listeners at a variety of places in their lives; however, the message is one that works universally.  Keep on living life.  It may not be easy at times, but in the end it’ll all work out for the best.  Therefore, while you are completing your full service move, remember to “walk on, stay safe tonight!”