With an office located in Dothan, we are always pumped when people ask for local tips of things to do in our city. Better yet, it’s fun to offer out suggestions that don’t cost a penny.

Go Nuts Over The Peanut Capital

Visit the famed golden peanut and learn more about why Dothan is called, “The Peanut Capital of the World.” A quick walk over to 3311 Ross Clark and you can view the sculpture and take a trip through the visitor’s center, which offers more history and background on the city’s ties to the peanut industry.

Get Out Into Nature

Take highway 431 N to Landmark Park and get reconnected with nature. The park features 130-acres of outdoor activities including: picnic areas, nature trails and parks. You can also visit the Interpretive Center where you can see a preserved farmstead from the 1980s, enjoy wildlife exhibits and also do some star-gazing at the planetarium.

Stop and Smell The Botanical Gardens

The Dothan Area Botanical Gardens is a must-see stop on your tight-budget adventures. With over 50 acres of gardens to explore, you will be impressed by the varieties of flowers and the breath-taking backdrop. Visit the vegetable garden where volunteers grow seasonal vegetables. The gardens are located at 5130 Headland Ave.

See The Smallest Block in the World

It’s always worth checking out places that have staked their claim in the Guinness Book of World Records – and this one will only take a second (literally). Located at East Troy Street, you will find a monument that will let you know that you have arrived at The Worlds Smallest City Block. Crammed into a small concrete space you’ll notice there is a street sign, a stop sign and a yield sign. Be amazed and then quickly move on.

Get a History Lesson

Visit The Carver museum and learn about the place that used to be a bus stop – learn how the location sets a backdrop to the Civil Rights movement that changed a nation and the lives of those travelers forever.

If you live in Dothan, we would love to hear about your favorite free activities – whether it’s a special place, a beautiful view or a park bench, leave a comment below. As your favorite Dothan mover, we enjoy sharing these city secrets with our readers and customers.