The big day came and went. You packed, loaded the truck and got to your new place safe and sound. Now comes the hardest, most daunting task of all: unpacking. With your new Huntsville home filled of boxes containing your entire life, it can get overwhelming fast. Here are a few quick tips to help you stay organized (and sane) during the unloading stage.

1.  Make Sure All Boxes are in the Right Room

This can easily help move the unpacking process along. Before moving day, label all boxes so your Huntsville movers can place them in the coordinating rooms. It will certainly reduce stress during unloading and even prevent you from having to any additional heavy lifting.

2.  Do One Room at a Time

One way to stay organized is by sticking to one room at a time. If you start one room and suddenly find yourself moving to another without finishing, try to go back to the previous area. As boring as it might be, this will help prevent you from fighting a disaster in each room of the house later on.

3.  Divide Up the Rooms

If you’re moving with your family, a significant other or just a roommate, teamwork is incredibly important. By designating rooms to each person, the unpacking will go quicker and you’ll be able to feel settled sooner.

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