Now that you’ve moved, it’s time to tell people and give them your new address. Here are some unique ways that might be helpful to your family and friends.

Get Techy

A very practical way to let everyone know you’ve moved is to take a picture of your family in front of your new home and then save yourself as a “contact” in your phone with your new address.  You can then share the address via a text message to your close family and friends along with your picture. The great thing is that the contact can be easily saved to anyone’s phone, which is very helpful.

Send a Map

Send a fun map of the new location of your house. This will not only give your friends and family point of reference, it could be a fun post card design.

Top 10 List

E-mail your friends and family the top 10 reasons why you love your new home and then include a few pictures and your new address.

Create a Website

Shutterfly makes it super easy to create a customized website that you can use to upload new pictures of your home. You can then share the website and pictures with your friends and family via e-mail or social media. This will allow people that live out of town to get a tour of your new place online!

If you have more creative announcement ideas – we would love to hear them -- please comment below. And, as always, if you are ready to get a quote for your upcoming move, please contact us for a free moving quote: