Long distance moves can be stressful for a family. Everything from planning your route to packing up your life can cause everyone in your home to be on edge. This includes your pets. Making sure your pets are safe and comfortable during your relocation can help remind them that even though their environment might be changing, they’re still a part of the family.

Crates and Carriers

If your long distance move means your pet will be in a crate or carrier for the trip, getting them used to it prior to the move can help reduce their anxiety. Place the crate or carrier in the open and allow them to explore. Place blankets or toys inside so they feel encouraged to enter.

One Last Vet Visit

Make sure you take your pet for a last check-up with their current vet. It’s important to know they are up-to-date on their shots to prevent any additional stresses during your relocation. They can give you tips on how to help ease your pet into their new environment and home.

Plan Stops Along the Way

Being in the car for an extended period of time can be exhausting for everyone especially pets. In addition to stopping for gas and food, it’s a good idea to plan for numerous stops to let everyone stretch their legs and give your pets a chance to use the restroom.

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