You just moved into your new digs and now you’re trying to decide how to celebrate. You don’t have to do the standard house warming party, think outside the house (box) and do something a little different – here are some of our favorite ideas.


Do a brunch with a Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar. People will enjoy getting together a little earlier in the day. This works exceptionally well if you live in a warm climate and have a nice outdoor space. 


Invite your friends to come over for a blessing of your home. This will usually include close friends and your Priest/Preacher.  You can ask everyone to bring an appetizer to share.

Ice Cream Bar

Do an after dinner ice cream bar with all of the toppings. Ask everyone to bring their favorite ice cream topping to share.

Tour the Home

If you plan on doing (or did some) renovations, it might be fun to allow guests to browse through your home and provide commentary or include before and after pictures in frames in each room. This is a good option if you want to invite lots of people.

Game Night

Play some games surrounding the uniqueness of your home. It could be in the form of trivia, guessing games or physical challenges. Offer prizes for different categories and let everyone enjoy playing the game.

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