You’ve been busy packing, planning and organizing. Now the big day is finally here. It’s time for you to move into your new home. But with all of the chaos going on, it’s easy for something to be overlooked or forgotten. By using this quick checklist, you can avoid any major hiccups in the moving process.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Things like toothpaste and a toothbrush, glasses, contacts, deodorant and a change of clothes are essential for the morning of your move. One way to stay organized the night before your move is to pack a bag with the belongings you’ll be using that evening and the following day. This way nothing is scattered throughout the house and is easy to find. You can also make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Make Sure Everything is Packed and Labeled

Leaving behind little items you use on a daily basis is easy to do. Once moving day rolls around, take a hard look through each room to be sure you’ve packed up everything. It will also help the unpacking process, and point your Richardson movers in the right direction, to place all of your items in boxes labeled for each specific room.

Transfer Your Utilities

You don’t want to show up at your new home with no lights or hot water. You also don’t want to find yourself paying double bills because you forgot to turn off utilities at your old home. Make sure you’ve set up everything from electricity to cable at your new residence and disconnected service at your previous address.

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