Moving your pet

When you're moving internationally, things can be tough. Aside from packing, organizing your belongings and herding your children, you've got a lot to do and consider—especially when it comes to your pets. Our Plano moving company knows that moving overseas shouldn't break up your family. While the process to moving your pet internationally may seem a little  daunting and complex, having your beloved furry friend with you will be wholly rewarding and ultimately better for the health and peace of mind of your pets and children as well.

First things first – Assess your living situation abroad and make sure that your specific pet is even allowed as a pet in the country you're moving to. This will ensure no wasted time and gives you plenty of opportunity to find your pet a happy, loving home if there is absolutely no way you can take them with. Once you've checked with the consulate and have found your new home can safely house your pet, proceed with the next step.

Prepare a deadline – Moving an animal often requires tons of paperwork, medical tests, and more to prove your pet is healthy and won't bring any unknown diseases into the country. Procrastination will only cause you time and money, so create a calendar and checklist so you can have all of the vet tests performed with proper paperwork in time for your big moving day.

Proper pet carrier – The actual traveling process may be the most important part. Airlines have varying regulations on bringing pets, so it's important to check with each to find the best option. For the sake of the health and stress levels of your pets, it's best to have them fly in the cabin with you. If your pet is too large for this, consider using a special pet transport service instead.

At Coleman American, we proudly provide the comprehensive moving and storage solutions to meet the needs of families moving locally and around the world. Call us to learn all about the services our Plano movers offer or fill out our online form to request your free, moving estimate.

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