When it comes to moving, there are enough factors you need worry about.  There are a lot of steps and processes that need to be taken in order for your move to go smoothly. Combine this with the holidays and you are in for a stressful time of year.

While this may not seem like an ideal situation for you and your family, this can be a fantastic opportunity for you to break out of the norm and celebrate the holidays a completely new way. As Fort Worth movers, we have helped hundreds of people move throughout the year.  We see how some families are completely unable to enjoy the season while moving. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy yours:

  • Break Tradition- Yes, this might seem unacceptable, but it should probably be considered.  Give yourself a break and don’t make yourself cook a meal, clean the dishes, and then pack all in one day.  Try a new way of celebrating.  Maybe this is by ordering food in or making a smaller meal.
  • Take a Trip- It doesn’t matter if it’s down the street or across the country, getting away from the boxes and an empty house will help the holidays seem brighter and relieve some of the stress. Box up your stuff, clean the house up, pack a few suitcases and head get out of town!
  • Be Flexible- Plan accordingly when it comes to the size and style of celebrating.  Maybe you get to stay in your old house throughout the holidays, but consider downplaying the decorations and packing extra.  Or move right before the holiday and set up your decorations soon after you move in. Be realistic about your situation and find a solution that fits.

The holidays don’t need to be ruined by a move.  With these tips, you can celebrate and enjoy the holidays.  It helps if you have a good team to assist you, which is where we come in!

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