It’s that time of year!

Candy is on sale and in bulk.  Children are deciding between what character they want for their costume and houses are putting up decorations for Halloween.

While there is nothing but excitement and candy going through your child’s mind, you may have some concerns.  It is your first Halloween in the new home.  You still are getting familiar with the traffic pattern. You have no idea where you should trick or treat.  You aren’t sure what houses regularly hand out candy or which ones have guard dogs.

It can be scary to not know if an area is entirely safe, so we have created a list to help.

Lakewood- This neighborhood in Dallas is a highly ranked, safe neighborhood.  It promotes family values and boasts a low crime rate. With some beautiful scenery and a prime location, this would also be a great place to spend your day before you start trick or treating.

Deerfield- If you are near the northside of the city, this would be a great location for you and your family. This quaint neighborhood just inside Plano is known for its safety and community.  It is a great place for trick or treating and other family-friendly, Halloween events.

Panther Creek Estates-  This Frisco neighborhood is a fantastic place for you and your family to celebrate the Halloween. With many houses, well light streets, and a low crime rate, you have a great setup for a night of trick or treating.

Besides finding the right neighborhood, it is also important to practice good safety measures.  Always walk with your children up to the door. Check their candy before they eat it and avoid dark areas. With all of these tips you are ready for a night of frightful fun!

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