When it comes to your move, your pets can add a tremendous amount of stress.

You worry about how they will adjust. You worry about how they will function in the new home. You worry about how they will handle packing. You worry about moving day.

It’s a lot for a pet to experience. At Coleman Worldwide Moving, we have helped numerous families and their pets move to their new homes. Over the years, we have picked up a few tips to help make the move a little easier.

  • Pack Slowly- Pets are very effected by their surroundings. It is a good idea to slowly bring out the boxes and pack up items, so you don’t stress them out.
  • Moving Day- Keep them separate from the action.  If you can get them out of the house all together, that would be ideal.  If not, put them in a climate controlled room with some toys and mark it so the movers won’t open the door.
  • The Journey- During the trip, keep them safe and sound in a kennel or an approved transportation device. Be sure to provide them with food and water and stop often to let them stretch their legs.

Moving with your pets can be stressful, but if you prepare them for the adventure, it can be a lot of fun!  As Richardson movers, we have helped many people through the process of moving their homes and their pets. For more moving tips or to get your FREE quote, call us or visit our website!

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