Moving your family can be challenging.

You have to pack up your whole house.  You have to drive to the destination and while this may be long and tedious to some, it can be hard on the furry members of your family as well.

When it comes to moving your pets, there are a lot of things to consider. The car ride can be extremely hard for them, but it can be a much smoother transition with a little preparation.

  • Take Practice Trips- A great way to help reduce stress during the move is to prepare them for the move with practice trips. Take smaller trips beforehand to get them used to traveling in the car.
  • Keep Them Secure- Make sure they are secure and safe in the car.  Whether you choose a crate or safety harness, it is a good idea to make sure they are safe and won’t fall if you need to suddenly hit the brakes.
  • Regulate The Temperature- Be sensitive to your pet’s temperature throughout the trip. If you are a little hot, chances are your pet is really hot. Also, never leave your pet in your car alone for any periods of time.
  • Take Breaks- Take breaks throughout the drive to give you pet a bathroom break and a little exercise. This will help them get out excess energy.
  • Give Them Familiarity- Give them a couple of toys and blankets to add comfort.  This will also give them something to play with during the car ride. As corny as it may sound, talk to your pet throughout the drive.  This soothes them and helps them feel more comfortable.

Car trips can be difficult for your pets, but if you keep their needs in mind, everyone will arrive at the new home safe and happy. Now, all you need to do is plan the rest of your move!

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