Your movers pack the truck. You know they know what they are doing, so you smile and wave as they drive away.

Then you look down….

There are numerous bags and boxes at feet and your car door is open…waiting.

You have two little ones and a dog to consider. Panama City movers at Coleman Worldwide Moving have a few tips to help you successfully load your car.

  • Keep Fun Items Aside- Whatever your children or pets need to get through the trip, get it out now.  It’s better to have them set aside than to realized that they are at the bottom of your truck under all of your items.
  • Heavy to Light- Start with the heaviest stuff on the bottom.  This will make a good base layer. Also, if you drive a van or SUV and you pack it to the ceiling, a pillow hurts a lot less than a box.
  • Set Aside Necessities- If there is anything you might need during the trip or right when you get to your destination, make sure that those are easily accessible.
  • Play Tetris- You kept that app for a reason! Now it is time to put those skills to work. Try to use as little space as possible while making sure each item is secure.  If something is breakable, don’t put it next a really abrasive item.  Use softer bags to cushion it.

With these tips, a little elbow grease, and maybe practice, you’ll have no trouble getting everything in your car.  Test the items to make sure they are secure, and then close the door.  It’s time for you and your family to hit the road.  Buckle up and enjoy the drive to your new home!

Are you looking for a Panama City moving company? Call the experts at Coleman Allied.  They have the tools and skills needed to make your transition a smooth one. Call or visit their website to get your FREE quote today!

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