Generally, packing for your move is the most tedious process, but also the most important.

Packing your appliance is no exception. In fact, they usually require more work. The professionals at Coleman Worldwide Moving, a Jacksonville Moving Company, put together a few tips for how you should prep your appliances for the move.

Refrigerator and Freezers-Unplug and thaw both at least 24 hours before the move.  Next, careful clean the entire appliance. Remove any containers and shelves to prevent any mildew from leftover moisture. If you have an ice maker, be sure to disconnect the water line and let that dry thoroughly.

Oven- Thoroughly clean the entire oven. Take out or secure the racks to prevent them from moving during the move.  If you have a gas unit, be sure to turn off the gas before you disconnect it from the gas line.  If you don’t feel confident, call your gas provider. Tape down any nobs or accessories to keep them from falling off in transit.

Washer and Dryer- The best way to prepare to move your washer and dryer is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer in the owner’s manual. Don’t move your hoses while they are still attached to the machine. Remove and pack away in a box filled with packing peanuts.

Follow these directions to help prepare some of the most tricky appliances. As a general rule, unplug your appliances and tape them to the back of the machine to protect them. Secure any doors or items that could shift during the move. 

For more moving tips or to learn more about our Jacksonville moving services, contact the moving specialists at Coleman Worldwide Moving.  Call or visit our website to get your FREE moving quote today! 

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