packing dishes

Packing is probably one of the most stressful parts of moving.

Not only do you have to find a place to put everything you own, you tend to forget just how much stuff you have collected over the years. You then have to make sure all of your items are secure.

Packing fragile items is even more challenging. You have to make sure that each item is going to be safe and protected throughout the entire move. Tampa moving company, Coleman Worldwide Moving, have a lot of experience packing and move families and businesses. We have compiled a few tips for you to make packing breakable items a little easier.

  • Dishes- One of the biggest mistakes people make when packing their dishes is that they stack them horizontally, one on top of each other. Wrap each plate and stack them vertically to prevent cracks.
  • Mirrors- Take masking tape and make an “x” in the middle of the mirror. This will not do much to prevent it from breaking, but it will hold the broken pieces together if something were to happen.
  • Glassware- If possible, get a box that has compartments for each item.  Be sure to stuff the inside and wrap the outside.
  • Packing Materials- Newspaper and tissue paper is not the only thing you can use to protect your items.  Socks, t-shirts, and other cloth items you have do a great job. Plus, you save space then too!
  • Box- Be sure to write “FRAGILE” on all sides of the box, so it is clearly marked. Double box items, especially if they are heavy, to prevent any damage from the box breaking.

Don’t speed through your breakable items just to get it done.  Use these tips and pack everything with care.  You might not like the tedious work, but trust us, it will pay off in the end.

Not interested in packing your items? We offer partial and complete packing services to help prepare your items for your move.  Call our Tampa movers or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!

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