Public transportation can be a terrific resource for people trying to save on gas or who don’t have a car. Many large metropolises have extensive public transportation systems that allow you to easily navigate the city…El Paso is no different.

Coleman Worldwide Moving, an El Paso moving company, have helped many people get used to navigating their new hometown. Public transportation is especially helpful to those who are waiting for their car to be shipped.

As if moving wasn’t enough of challenge, now some people have to find a way to traverse their new city without being fully moved in. To help expedite the learning process, we have come up with some tips:

  • Do Research- The best way to get around this city is to know where you are going ahead of time.  You might even be able to take the express routes.
  • Know The Terminals- Terminals are a great source of information. They have tickets, Wi-Fi, restrooms and more!
  • Areas- El Paso’s public transportation system is broken up by areas. If you are looking to stay in one area, then you will only have to switch routes.  Be sure to write remember which route number and line colors you need to get to your destination.

With El Paso’s well thought-out and executed public transportation system, you can be confident that you can get around your new town.  IT might take some research and practice, but before long you’ll be a pro!

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