As your preferred Kansas City mover, we love when we see new job opportunities in the city. These new jobs are coming to our city because of a pretty slick new service offering provided by Sprint.

The service is called “Direct 2 You” and its a concierge offering first piloted in the Kansas City area. Sprint customers are able to call and set up a time where a Sprint representative (in a bright yellow Direct 2 You car) will hand deliver a new phone to you, set it up and walk you through phone features. They can deliver the phone to your house, work or even a coffee shop – whatever is the most convenient for you.

Best of all – the concierge service includes a signal check to make sure the phone is able to get signals in all areas of your home (including your basement).  The visit could include receiving a free signal booster, if they notice an issue.

How do you get this perk? You have to first be eligible for an upgrade. Once the pilot tests out this service with this group, it will expand to include new customers looking to purchase a phone with a new contract.

The service will expand to Chicago and Miami on April 20 and then the rest of the nation as the year progresses.

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