Has the rising costs of cable and satellite services caused you to consider cutting the cord? Research suggests that you are not alone in this line of thinking as broadband subscriptions have now outgrown cable subscriptions. As more streaming options become available and the consumer’s dependence on traditional cable provider methods decrease, the allure of a more “do it yourself” approach may seem like a strong option. After using San Antonio movers for your next move, follow these three simple tips as you begin to cut the cord:

  1. Avoid Modem Rental Fees When Possible: Many internet service providers will allow their customers to buy their own compatible broadband modems to avoid rental fees. Many Cable and other broadband service providers charge between $8-10 per month for renting a modem, which makes a one time $60-90 expense for your own modem a necessary up-front cost to avoid these charges down the line. Please research your ISP’s policy on owning a modem and what models are compatible for that service.

  2. Research Your Internet Speed Needs: If you have multiple devices streaming content in your new home, you will need to choose your download speed wisely when setting up a new internet service. Yahoo Homes breaks down the different download speeds and what they would accomplish within a home.

  3. Choose Your Streaming Services: By now, you have learned about the various streaming subscription services that exist. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, the upcoming HBO Now service and CBS All-Access are just a few of the options at your disposal. Be wary of choosing too many services through this a la carte method as they can easily add up to what you were trying to avoid through your cable provider.

We hope that these cost-savings tips will help you enjoy your new home after you have settled in from your move.

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