Summer is coming quickly.

People are starting to gear up for a season of fun in the sun. At Coleman Allied, we know where we’re spending many of our summer days!

As Comal County movers, we have seen a lot of the towns around San Antonio, but our favorite for summer is Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake has a lot of summer activities that are fun for the whole family.

  • Water sports- Canyon Lake is famous for their water sports.  From boating to waterskiing to tubing, there are a lot of ways to enjoy the water. They even have the new flyboards for you to try.
  • Fishing- This water is filled with striped bass. Grab your tackle box and get ready for a day of fishing on this great, big lake.


  • Hiking- All around the lake there are great hiking trails. Enjoy the shade of the trees while walking around some breathtaking nature.
  • History- Wanting to step back in time? Visit the Canyon Lake Gorge and look at some prehistoric fossils including dinosaur tracks.
  • Camping- Skip the hotel and enjoy your summer evenings under the stars.  There are plenty of places for you to pitch a tent and enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are many was to enjoy Comal County, but our favorite is Canyon Lake.  Go explore and find your favorite!

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