San Antonio Library

San Antonio, Texas is a proud city; full of culture and excitement.

It has so much diversity that has created a wonderful melting pot. It’s also a city rich in history and heritage. From the Alamo to the Riverwalk, there is a variety of activities, sites to see, and restaurants to try.

There are a lot of obvious places to go, but what about the secret gems of the city? San Antonio movers, Coleman Worldwide Moving, have put together a list of some of their favorite hidden gems of Bexar County.

  • Art- Art studios are a phenomenal way to see the art. Some artists even give tours. Check out one of the libraries for a nice display of art. The San Antonio Public Library has art on the walls and ground. The Landa Library and Gardens is a Mediterranean-style mansion that is home to beautifully manicure grounds.
  • Shopaholics- Architectural Antiques is a great place to find vintage and antique items for your home. Indulge in salon services at a discounted price at the Aveda Institute. Don’t forget to check out consignment shops for discounted clothes and accessories.
  • Food Finds- For wonderful dishes from around the world, check out Ali Baba International Food Market. They have a wide variety of items hailing from places like the Middle East, Asian and Latin America.  They also have a butcher, a Latin Market, and an Oriental Market. The Waring General Store is also a phenomenal place to get some good comfort food.  From chicken, to ribeyes, to nachos, they have something to make your taste buds happy.
  • Adventures- Looking for an outdoor adventure?  We have bikes everywhere and parks galore.  Maybe try a new sport like polo or maybe hunt for treasure with geocaching.

There are a lot of hidden wonders in San Antonio, so there is plenty to explore.  If you are looking for a Bexar County moving company, contact Coleman.  We provide excellent moving services to get you and your family to your new home quickly and efficiently.

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