There’s probably no easier way to dramatically change the look of your home than painting some wall colors. Most homeowners can tackle painting themselves, but you want to make sure and have the right (and quality) tools.

Brushes. Not all brushes are created equal, although they might all look the same. Purdy is a painter’s favorite, but ask around at your local hardware store and see what the top-of-the-line brushes are.

Rollers. Like brushes, you can buy a cheap roller, and get what you pay for. Spend the five bucks for a nicer roller and you’ll thank yourself later. Not only does the paint go on smoother, but you don’t have to watch for lint that comes off the new roller.

Work platform. If you’re painting regular rooms with a 8-10 ft. height, opt for a work platform instead of a ladder. They give you a much wider stance which decreases your chances of falling.

Painter’s comb. This one comes in handy after the painting is done. Using a painter’s comb to clean out your brushes extends the life of the brush dramatically.

Paint can opener. The low cost on this one makes it a no-brainer. Opening with a screwdriver can dent the lid and make resealing hard. A paint can opener saves you from that.

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