So your Kansas City movers have got you all taken care of, and you’re starting to get comfy in your new home. Time for a house party, right?!? Whether you’re single and ready mingle or you’re parents on a budget, think through these items before you go throwing that epic housewarming party.

Don’t rush into it. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time after the move-in date, to get your house settled and in order. Having a housewarming party should be fun and celebratory, but rushing it will only make you feel more exhausted. Even if you don’t have much to do when you move in, give it a month or two before inviting the friends over for a bash.

Be clear on the invites. For starters, make sure and plan the party and send out invites in plenty of advance so that your friends can clear their calendars and actually show up. But beyond that, you’ll need to let people know your new address and what sort of party attire is expected. It’s also courteous to fill people in about gifts. It’s fine to accept them, or even ask for them, but just make sure you do it in a classy way.

Get the right guests. Before you just go and invite all the people you’ve ever known to your housewarming party, think about both the size of your home and mix of guests. You don’t want to just invite all your extroverted party people friends or your introverted quiet types. Be sure to invite both, and make sure you invite at least one or two people that can really liven up the party.

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