Any sort of road trip can be a lot of work, especially during the colder months of winter. But then when you consider you’re taking all your possessions with you and moving your entire life across the country to Omaha, NE...and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Let us tackled the stress with you. Consider these ways to make your long distance move a bit simpler.

Let us do the lifting and driving for you. No doubt the most stressful part of a long-distance move is the moving truck itself. Even with friends helping, boxing and loading everything up is long, heavy work. And then driving the massive truck on the interstate is about as nerve-wracking as it gets.

Make frequent stops, especially if you have small children. Remember that the cross-country move is a marathon, not a sprint. In most cases, you’re not going to get any bonus points for making it there faster. So take your time. For especially long trips, make plans to stop somewhere overnight. You might even consider making it a small road-trip vacation for the family. Your stuff will be in safe hands with us on the truck. So relax!

Enlist the help of a friend or family member to be a second driver. If you don’t have any children joining you, the trip may be a lot simpler and you’ll make fewer stops. Having a second driver ride along makes the trip even quicker. Or you might have to drive an extra vehicle along with your caravan. In either case, offer to buy a friend a plane ticket in exchange for helping you move across the country.

If you don’t have help lined up for your move already, give us a call for your free moving quote at (877)-693-7060.

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