Planning a big move to Florida in the near future? Hopefully, you’ve given us a call and allowed our household movers to do all the tough work for you. Once you’ve done that, here’s a few things you might want to learn more about when moving to Orlando.

It’s filled with theme parks and tourists. The bad news is, there are a whole lot of tourists all over Orlando for a good portion of the year. Summer break, spring break, holidays. You name it, and there are tourists there. The upside is, there are plenty of jobs created by the theme park traffic. Between the parks, hotels, and other tourist stops, there’s plenty of job opportunity.

Traffic. Often due to the aforementioned tourists, Orlando traffic is known to get crazy at times. If you’re planning to commute to work, you might consider public transportation, or finding a house close to where you work.

The weather. Granted, Orlando sits outside of the terrible hurricane path for the most part, and hasn’t seen a devastating hurricane in several years. But if you’re looking to move to Florida long-term, hurricane alert is a normal precaution. Also, the Florida weather is quite unlike other parts of the U.S. With fairly warm temperatures year-round, you don’t quite see the four seasons like you might on the upper east coast or the midwest. But you also don’t ever have to get snowed again! If you’re moving from far away, you might want to consider a new wardrobe. And if you’re not used to mosquitos, you may want to brace yourself. Because of the warm temps and humidity levels, Florida is full of them.

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