Moving is often stressful enough for us adults. And while our kids are usually more resilient than we are, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have some anxiety with the whole “moving” thing as well. They just might not be able to articulate it like you. While your Kansas City movers are getting unpacked, try these ideas to help your kids learn to love and embrace their new home.

Explore the home with them. Try to look at your new place through the eyes of a child. Get down on all fours even, and ask your kids to explore the new home with you, inside and out. Look in every closet, cabinet, and corner and point out the cool things you see. (Tip: try and keep a lid on all the not-so-good things you might discover, so that your kids don’t pick up on any negativity.)

Get their input. If possible, let the kids choose their own rooms, or where to place the furniture in their rooms. It may be fun to let them pick out a few posters or items for their new room, if the budget allows. And if you really want to get your child excited, let them pick out the paint colors in their new room! Even if they pick something totally obnoxious, you can always paint over it later.

Unpack their stuff quickly. Having their own stuffed animals or bedding is a big deal for a kid. In fact, it may be all they need to feel right at home. You could also hang a few pieces of their art on the walls, or pictures of the family.

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